b0VIM 7.4\Yg BQ)robrob-hp360~rob/winshare/archive_sites/mfbbank.com/products/tis_eft.asputf-83210#"! Utp78Uad7g2*#ie\7~}T w q 4 7 x]R2-IC`eF You will get You will get a monthly account statement from us for your checking and statement savings accounts.
  • Periodic statements.
  • Preauthorized credits. If you have arranged to have direct deposits made to your account at least once every 60 days from the same person or company, you can call us at (219) 255-3146 to find out whether or not the deposit has been made.
  • Terminal transfers. You can get a receipt at the time you make any transfer to or from your account using one of our automated teller machines or point-of-sale terminals.
  • We do not charge for preauthorized payments from any type of account. Except as indicated elsewhere, we do not charge for these electronic fund transfers.
  • We do not charge for direct deposits to any type of account.
  • the account balance of your statement savings accounts